About Us

About our hand made brushes


R Russell Brush Manufacturers have been established in the UK since 1840, beginning in an outhouse building attached to The Plough Public House in Chesham, where Charles Russell sold beer and cared for the brewery horses as well as selling brushes. Over many years and generations and various moves around the town, the business has settled into its present facility in Townsend Road. The partnership of Robert and Alan Russell trading as R Russell, is the sixth generation of the original owners and now R Russell is believed to be the oldest family owned business in the town. At the turn of the century, Chesham was known for its brush making with over twelve brush companies operating in the town. Now sadly, R Russell is the last remaining manufacturer still maintaining quality hand made products.


Brush making, like a good deal of manufacturing has seen many changes over the years, but we at R Russell still pride ourselves with quality and service and integrity within the brush industry.


Our expertise is in the craft end of the trade, making almost all our brushes by hand with skills passed on from previous generations. We use the finest of materials from all over the world, with special preferences and demands from our customers.


We consider no order too small or too large and our personal attention is assured at all times. All enquiries will be handled personally with prompt attention to insure a positive outcome.


Be assured over 160 years continuing service in the trade is at your disposal.